Tea is nowadays one of the most consumed beverages in the world. Its amazing effects on health and recognition have let many people incorporate it into their daily routine. The origins of tea are still uncertain (some say China, others say India). However, what is sure is that tea has been consumed in Japan for many centuries. As a matter of fact, tea is deeply rooted in Japanese culture and people drink it even in a mystical way. You may have heard that one of the most famous Japanese traditions is Sado, the green tea ceremony. As a result of Japan’s long history, there are many different types of Japanese tea with unique and multiple flavors. 

Similarly, for the Japanese, tea is an indispensable element to take care of their health. There is even a label to determine what types of Japanese teas and other foods are good for the health. This label is known as “Tokuho” (short for Tokutei Hokenyo Shokuhin, “Food for Specified Health Use”). The Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare created this label in 1991. Nowadays, the Japan’s Consumer Affairs Agency uses it to certify the quality of the products. Therefore, using Tokuho ensures that a certain type of Japanese tea has beneficial attributes to the body.

We have organized a list for you to check upon, the Top 10 Different Types of Japanese Tea for the Health conscious. Many of them include the “Tokuho” product label. Thus, the health benefits of these types of Japanese tea are absolutely indisputable. 

Table of Contents 

1) Japanese Tea #10: Catechin Jasmine Tea 
2) Japanese Tea #9: Itoen Golden Oolong Tea
3) Japanese Tea #8: Suntory Black Oolong Tea
4) Japanese Tea #7: Suntory Goma Mugicha
5) Japanese Tea #6: Yakult Banso Rei Tea 
6) Japanese Tea #5: Suntory Iemon Tokucha
7) Japanese Tea #4: Kao Hel Shea Green Tea 
8) Japanese Tea #3: Nisshin Oillio Black Tea 
9) Japanese Tea #2: Karada Sukoyakacha Double W
10) Japanese Tea #1: Itoen Oi Instant Green Tea with matcha powder 

Top 10: Catechin Jasmine Tea 

[Top10: Catechin Jasmin Tea](https://www.itoen.jp/products/detail.php?id=107)

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This delicious and refreshing type of Japanese jasmine-flavored tea is extraordinarily healthy, since it includes the Tokuho mark. It helps to reduce cholesterol and fat absorption. Furthermore, this jasmine tea also includes catechin, which is a type of natural antioxidant that helps prevent cell damage. Thus, it reduces inflammation and prevents certain chronic diseases, such as heart problems, diabetes and some types of cancer. However, its benefits are not only reflected inside the body, they are also outside. Indeed, catechin is also linked to significant weight loss and the reduction of body fat. For these reasons, Catechin Jasmine Tea is ideal to keep the line and the body healthy in a delicious way. Its flavor is smooth thanks to the use of two types of jasmine leaves. It is very easy to drink and its aroma is very stimulating. 

Where to buy it

There are many places where you can find them. For example, if you want to purchase Catechin Jasmine Tea easily, you order it online. Amazon or Rakuten are some of the online shopping websites that sell them at very affordable prices. 

Top 9: Itoen Golden Oolong Tea

[Top9: Itoen Golden Oolong Tea](https://lohaco.jp/product/3314454)

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Itoen Golden Oolong Tea is a type of Japanese tea that contains 90% of epigallocatechin gallate. This substance allows a considerable absorption of fats and prevents fats to adhere to the body. Marked with the Tokuho certificate, it is a very refreshing and healthy drink, great to accompany with daily meals. Certainly, its healthy benefits are not the only significant characteristics for this tea, but also its unique and unrepeatable flavor. It combines two types of high quality Japanese tea: the “Iron Kannon” tea (60%) and the “Golden Katsura” tea (40%). The Iron Kannon tea has a certain peach aroma that gives it a very soft and relaxing touch. As for the Golden Katsura, it has a very natural and elegant aroma. This combination of aromas and flavors provides very enriching and relaxing sensations.

Where to buy it 

Although you can buy them individually, if you check websites like Askul you can also  purchase sets of 6 bottles. In the end it becomes more economic and you won’t need to keep buy them all the time. 

Top 8: Suntory Black Oolong Tea

[Top8: Suntory Black Oolong Tea](https://www.suntory.com/brands/blackoolongtea/)

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Suntory’s Black Oolong Tea is a very rich type of Japanese tea, since it contains polymerized polyphenols. Polyphenols are substances found in plants and in certain foods, such as grapes, to give odor and flavor. They are the perfect natural antioxidants and offer a series of properties that act on the skin. One of its effects is to slow down skin aging. As for those on a diet, this type of Japanese tea can also help to reduce appetite. It is an extraordinary anti-inflammatory that protects the immune system and provides a large amount of fiber, vitamins and minerals. This black oolong tea also has the Tokuho certificate and has a unique flavor. You can accompanied it with a good plate of food or you can simply drink it after eating. 

Where to buy them

Suntory Black Oolong Tea is so delicious that it quickly became very popular both inside and outside Japan. Inside Japan, you can purchase it in a very interesting beverage shop called Bic Camera. You can find it in very popular places in Japan, like Shibuya, in Tokyo, or near Kyoto station, in Kyoto. Also, you can find it in almost any supermarket. 

If you are outside Japan, you can find it at a very exciting shop called Japan Centre. This store is located in many countries. For instance, there is one in London, near Piccadilly Circus. 

Top 7: Suntory Goma Mugicha

[Top7: Suntory Goma Mugicha](https://www.suntory.com/brands/gomamugicha/)

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Continuing with Suntory, its tokuho-approved blend tea combines barley with sesame, in addition to soybeans. It is a type of Japanese tea with an extraordinary flavor, very natural and very authentic. One of its most remarkable attributes is that it contains peptides derived from sesame. Peptides are very beneficial substances for hypertensive people. These act as inhibitors of blood pressure. Another of the benefits of sesame is that it allows controlling cholesterol. Therefore, Suntory Goma Mugicha is a very complete, healthy and balanced drink. Its flavor is very light and refreshing, perfect to consume it during a break after eating. 

Where to buy it

Apart of websites like Ebay or Amazon, if you search on Rakuten, you will be able to buy 12 bottles of 1 liter at a very good price. However, if you are in Japan, you can find it at the convenience stores. 

Top 6: Yakult Banso Rei Tea

[Top6: Yakult Banso Rei Tea](https://lohaco.jp/product/5793092/?int_id=rkg_itemlist_7)

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In the case of this type of Japanese tea, its innovative aspect is that its composition is based on guava leaves. Such guava leaves have great benefits and are extremely useful for maintaining a healthy body. They help to alleviate various respiratory diseases, as well as to regulate blood sugar and to resolve stomach problems. Likewise, guava leaves help avoid skin infections, delays skin aging and has anti-inflammatory effects to calm oral pain. What is more, polyphenols of guava leaves do not exist in green tea or in other teas. Therefore, Yakult Banso Rei tea offers benefits that other types of Japanese tea do not provide. 

Where to buy it

There are several websites where you can find it. However, the interesting fact about this tea is that you can even buy it in Yahoo, on the Japanese PayPay section. 

Top 5: Suntory Iyemon Tokucha

[Top5: Suntory Iyemon Tokucha](http://us.suntory.com/what-we-make/iyemon-tokucha.html)

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Going back again to Suntory, this certified Tokuho tea is a unique brewed tea that they created themselves. The reason why this exquisite tea arose was due to the growing demand of consumers for healthy products. The peculiarity of this unique type of Japanese tea is that it contains quercetin glucoside. The benefits of this substance are surprising since it helps control diabetes, protect the cardiovascular system, improve blood circulation and inhibit histamine release. Moreover, it allows to improve the immune response and reduces allergies. As for its flavor, Iyemon Tokucha is made up of tea leaves carefully selected by a “chasho” (tea master expert). Such tea leaves come from the prestigious tea company Fukujuen, located in Kyoto. Thus, it is a healthy green tea with a very smooth and balanced flavor. 

Where to buy it

Since it is an extremely popular beverage among Japanese people, you can easily find it at any supermarket and convenience store. 

Top 4: Kao Hel Shea Green Tea

[Top4: Kao Hel Shea Green Tea](https://www.kao.co.jp/healthya/ryokutya)

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Kao Hel Shea Green Tea approved with the Tokuho certificate contains 540 mg of catechin. This substance allows a greater absorption of fats and metabolizes it to use it as energy. Accompanied with a balanced diet, it is a perfect complement to lose weight and cleanse the body of unhealthy toxins. Even though this Japanese tea does not cure diseases or improve health, it gives you a sense of comfort when drinking it. It recommends a daily intake of 350 ml to consume it effectively. Its intense bitter flavor reminds of homemade teas. 

Where to buy it

If you check the bottom part of the official website of the brand Kao, there is an option called “online shop” (オンラインショップ). There you can see where you can find it. You can easily order it from Amazon, Rakuten and many other websites. 

Top 3: Nisshin Oillio Black Tea 

[Top3: Nisshin Oillio Black Tea](https://lohaco.jp/product/8881107/)

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This powdered black tea backed with Tokuho is pure and contains no added sugars. It is a handy Japanese tea for regulating blood sugar levels. Those who like products that contain fat can also bring along this tea to balance out the amount of sugar consumed. Nisshin Oillio black tea contains dietary fiber that controls sugar absorption and acts on blood glucose levels. You can drink it at any time of the year, since it dissolves quickly with both hot and cold water. Similarly, its flavor is very natural and has very stimulating and relaxing effects. 

Where to buy it

In this case, you can also purchase it through the official website of Nisshin Oillio. The process is the same as the Top 4. On the website, click on “online shop” (オンラインショップ) and you can directly purchase from there. There is no need to go through other platforms. 

Top 2: Karada Sukoyakacha Cha W 

[Top2: Karada Sukoyakacha Cha W](https://lohaco.jp/product/9818430/?int_id=rkg_itemlist_4)

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The company Coca Cola in Japan created this Japanese tea. It is also marked with the Tokuho certificate and serve as a dietary supplement. The dextrin (dietary fiber) found that this product works to suppress the absorption of fats and sugar. It is an ideal drink for very healthy-conscious people and for those who are concerned about their blood sugar level. Its remarkable benefits have not gone unnoticed and have been widely recognized both within and outside of Japan. In 2019, Karada Sukoyakacha Cha W won the Gold Quality Award in 2019, established by the Monde Selection Quality Institute. Combining hoji tea, oolong tea and English tea, its flavor is intense and very pleasant to drink after eating. 

Where to buy it

This drink is very easy to find. You can purchase it in convenience stores, like 7 Eleven. Or, if you prefer, you can always buy it online in websites like Amazon. 

Top 1: Itoen Oi Instant Green Tea with matcha powder 

[Top1: Ioten Oi Instant Green tea with matcha powder](https://ekabuki.com/products/itoen-oi-instant-green-tea-with-matcha-powder-40g-50-cups)

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Among all types of Japanese tea, matcha tea is undoubtedly one of the best ones. Traditionally used during tea ceremony, nowadays many brands sell this powdered tea in many forms and at very different prices. Itoen Oi instant green tea is one of the most popular and one of the most affordable of all. Matcha tea strengthens the immune system and helps prevent cancer and other infections. Also, it is effective for the prevention of serious diseases like Alzheimer’s or liver fibrosis, as well as controlling diabetes. Overall, it is a perfect complement to stay in shape, as it quenches hunger and thirst naturally. And of course, it is a very beneficial drink for mental health, since it stimulates the mind and helps reduce stress. 

Where to buy it

Itoen Oi Instant Green Tea is extremely popular in Japan. Therefore you will have no problem finding it in your closest supermarkets or convenience stores. 

In Conclusion

Japanese tea is an incredibly healthy drink that allows you to take care of both your body and mind. This ancient drink contains antioxidants, protects the immune system and reduces the risk of suffering from various diseases. As a matter of fact, many of them backed up by the Tokuho certificate proves their extraordinary healthy benefits.

The flavors of all types of Japanese tea are so different that they can always surprise you. The tea leaves combine in a harmonious and balanced way to offer a refreshing and enriching experience. Since they are very relaxing, these teas are perfect to drink quietly while or after eating. In addition, Japanese teas stimulate each and every senses and help calm the stress of daily life. To conclude, drinking any type of Japanese tea is a truly rewarding experience in all aspects. It is the perfect supplement to take care of your health with the most exotic and natural flavors.

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