Japan has been in the mind of Western society since Marco Polo. People have dreamed about reaching its islands to find out what really lies beyond Europe. Nowadays, martial arts and anime have brought thousands of tourists to Japan. Everyone has their own dreams and ways of enjoying this land. But, what do we really know about this country? Actually, more than 70% of the Japanese territory is mountainous. To the foreign eye these mountains are just wonders of nature. Gorgeous scenery of these mountains in Japan is just priceless, enjoyed just by looking at them or by climbing them. Nevertheless, in the Japanese Shinto tradition, since some mountains are considered a divine entities they have been venerated.

We could also say that the same concept applies to the big cities. Tokyo is not only a bunch of skyscrapers and very crowded places. In fact, every neighbourhood has its own personality. Thousands of people from all over the country and all over the world commute to this big city every day.  This citadel has its own soul and it is extremely difficult to catch its scenes only with a camera. Let me ask again, what is a scenery? Something to just watch? Is it only a picture? With that question in our mind, we prepared a list of Top 10 Japanese Scenery YouTube Channels. This list will help you in the task of satisfying your wanderlust. We also hope it will give you a deeper insight into Japan and its people as well!

Table of Contents

2) Top 9: visitjapan
3) Top 8: TokyoStreetView – Japan The Beautiful
4) Top 7: DiamondRouteJapan
5) Top 6: Discover Ishikawa, Japan
6) Top 5: Anna Film Production
7) Top 4: Journeys Throughout Japan 旅の星 Tabinohoshi
8) Top 3: Discover Kyoto
9) Top 2: Night Movie Channel of Osaka Japan
10) Top 1: Discover Nippon

Japanese Scenery Youtube Channel #10 NIPPON WANDERING TV

[NIPPON WANDERING TV](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIDTgYVs-rEHx-fE4qSPZhQ/featured)


We like to walk!

So, you always wanted to live in Tokyo, but you are not sure how it really looks on the inside? You want to experience, walking the streets of the crowded Osaka as a local, from your comfortable couch? Say no more, in Nippon Wandering TV we found hundreds of videos for you.  This Channel not only covers scenery of the Kanto Area, it also has footage of the Kansai Region in Japan. Moreover, the night-time footage repertory is very rich; and the 4k ASMR videos are a very nice way to relax as you can hear the rain falling down in the screen. The channel also provides 360 degree Experience videos in 8k resolution as well as remarkable Skyscraper Views videos. Definitely worth checking out!

Japanese Scenery Youtube Channel #9 visitjapan


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As it was your first time

How would it feel your first time arriving in Japan? What places would you visit? How would it look like to you? Here, the Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) aims to shows us that Japan is waiting for us with gorgeous places. The mix between beautiful landscapes and people immersing in the scenery will surely make us want to Japan! Similar to other Japanese Scenery YouTube Channels, we get nice footage of big cities like Tokyo or breath-taking natural landscapes. But videos like the Spiritual Trekking provide a fresh perspective of the relation between the Japanese people and their environment. After this series you won’t see the Japanese scenery as you used to anymore.

Japanese Scenery Youtube Channel #8 TokyoStreetView – Japan The Beautiful

[TokyoStreetView – Japan The Beautiful](https://www.youtube.com/user/TokyoStreetView)

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A group of Japanese dancers chant while they perform, in front of the Aizu Castle, the Yosakoi dance. This relatively young channel brings us rather a fresh perspective on the traditional landscape video adding beautiful choreographies to the scenery. The usage of cultural elements in some videos succeeds in catching the essence of the Japanese people and their traditions. The video titled Code of The Samurai makes good use of all the previously named elements. Also, the combination of sports and iconic scenarios in the video Outdoor & Sports offers an original approach.  Finally, the most interesting thing about DiamondRouteJapan is that all the locations are in Fukushima, Tochigi and in Ibaraki Prefecture. These three are usually ignored by the tourism business, but they have a lot of gorgeous places and hidden treasures. Go ahead and check out their scenery to discover this new side of Japan!  

Japanese Scenery Youtube Channel #7 DiamondRouteJapan


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The Mount Fuji, right in front of you!

Have a high-resolution trip all around Japan for free! Footage from every famous Japanese location is here, and in fact, everything is recorded in 4k. The amount of content is overwhelming. Don’t forget to turn on the captions as there are some explanations about the history of each place. But this scenery channel has even higher resolution footage! Mount Fuji is considered one of the most iconic landscape of Japan. It is located between the Shizuoka and Yamanashi Prefecture. Also, it has been immortalized by the famous Ukiyo-e artist Hokusai Katsushika (1760–1849). Using 8k resolution, TokyoStreetView gives you the opportunity to enjoy Mount Fuji as you were just in front of it. Moreover, you can even enter a Buddhist cemetery at night regions to look for high detailed samurai ghosts! Thanks to TokyoStreetView we can have the most real Japanese experience!

Japanese Scenery Youtube Channel #6 Discover Ishikawa, Japan

[Discover Ishikawa, Japan](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXyEk1hphiu_6qW8NairdNA)

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Get in Love with Ishikawa!

This YouTube channel is a great example of how much effort Japan puts on promoting local tourism. Ishikawa prefecture is known by its main city, Kanazawa, where Japanese tradition meets modern art and fashion. But Ishikawa Prefecture is more than just one city. In this Japanese Scenery YouTube Channel you can enjoy beautiful footage of places unfamiliar to foreigners. For example, the Noto peninsula iconic rice fields or the Hakusan National Park, which is a must go for climbers. The “four- season series” gives you a glimpse of how the different sceneries change with the weather. After watching the cycling routes videos, you will want to catch your bicycle and enjoy Ishikawa’s astonishing nature and landscapes. Finally, the footage on the ancient Gold leaf technique will mesmerize you. After visiting this channel, it will definitely make you want to visit Ishikawa!

Japanese Scenery Youtube Channel #5 Anna Film Production

[Anna Film Production](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMU5wgePzH9rL5shQLp-C_g)

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A hidden gem

With only about six thousand subscriptions this scenery YouTube channel, based in Kansai, Japan has called our attention. Because of the quality of the videos and the smart selection of locations we can call it a hidden gem. World Heritage Temples, unexplored areas, Geisha and Maiko footage, and also Showa Period Retro Videos, this channel has it all. As the camera man starts his journey, we get a closer look of the landscapes and its people. Inside this channel, Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K series provides an interesting approach. Especially, The Kyoto Rurikoin Temple, is a good example of balance between astonishing scenery, relaxing music and Low Light footage. In some of the videos the narrative behind them is so clear that they don’t need captions. All the content is so interesting that it is difficult to pick just one video.  Definitely check it out!

Japanese Scenery Youtube Channel #4 Journeys Throughout Japan 旅の星 Tabinohoshi

[Journeys Throughout Japan 旅の星 Tabinohoshi](https://www.youtube.com/user/Tabinohoshi)

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Turn on your English Subtitles!

Have you ever turned on NHK at 1:00 a.m. to watch Sakura flowers and beautiful castle shots for an hour? Me neither, but the Japanese people love this kind of television programs. Now, I will introduce you a Scenery YouTube Channel made by Japanese for the Japanese. In Tabinoboshi, you can enjoy high quality videos of beautiful places with elegant visuals as you hear pleasant music. Turning your English captions is crucial as you will get a lot of information about the places that are shown. In fact, you will never think about a visit to a Shinto Shrine the same again. The video that introduces the Hozoji Temple is just a visual lecture on the concept of the Japanese aesthetics. If you want to learn more about the Japanese countryside, this is the channel for you!

Japanese Scenery Youtube Channel #3 Discover Kyoto

[Discover Kyoto](https://www.youtube.com/user/discoverkyoto)

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The heart of Japan

When people arrive in Kyoto for the first time, they can get overwhelmed with all the places it has to offer. Kyoto had been the capital city for almost eight hundred years until the political moved to Tokyo. This channel brings back to life Kyoto’s rich history of ancient Buddhist Temples and Shinto Shrines with beautiful 4k shootings. It also provides us with traditional performances and rituals with breath taking backgrounds. Be part of a three hundred years old festival at the Fudo Temple. Walk around the Higashiyama district alongside two refined Kyoto geishas.  You can even dance naked in your room while you watch the traditional Hadaka Odori at the Hokai Temple. Finally, you can have your own Japanese tea while appreciating the Zen gardens of the seven hundred years old temple. If you are a Japanese traditional culture lover, this is your place!

Japanese Scenery Youtube Channel #2 Night Movie Channel of Osaka Japan

[Night Movie Channel of Osaka Japan](https://www.youtube.com/user/OsakaNightTube)

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After Dark

Osaka City is the second largest city in Japan and has a vast population that reaches 25 million people. With endless shopping streets and thousands of food stands, this metropolis never stops. The Japanese who live in the surrounding prefectures know that the best nights in the Kansai Region are here. In this Scenery YouTube Channel we can appreciate the big neon lights of the Dotonbori Street.

Furthermore, we can have a boat ride in at the Nakanoshima River at night. Or even enjoy gorgeous aerial takes of the whole city after dark. Then, there is the Osaka Fireworks Festival, which is one of the most popular one in Japan. In this channel, you can enjoy the Yodogawa Fireworks as if you were sitting by the river with the locals. Finally, the time-lapse footage from the Building Sky Garden is the icing on the cake. For the big city lovers, this channel a must!

Japanese Scenery Youtube Channel #1 Discover Nippon

[Discover Nippon](https://www.youtube.com/user/hanazakurasakura)

Image source

Getting and deeper insight

There is nothing more Japanese to sit next to a Sakura tree and to watch the cherry blossoms. In Discover Nippon, footage of beautiful landscapes and romantic sunsets are the rule. Additionally, in this YouTube Channel you don’t only get to experience these iconic sceneries of Japan. Discover Nippon also offer us deeper content and hidden gems. On this Channel, you can find footage about the intimacy of Shinto rituals and festivals. The videos about the little town of Ouchijuku (Fukushima) are amazing. Also, the World Heritage Village known as Shirakawa-go winter footage is just a delight to the eyes. In fact, it is difficult to find such a good footage of the Tohoku Tono Festival like the one this channel has.  Every interesting location in Japan you can imagine is here. Every Japan lover should definitely take a look at this channel!

In Conclusion

Japan has a large quantity of outstanding landscapes and gorgeous scenery indeed. That’s one of the reasons that makes this Japanese Scenery YouTube Channels ranking a hard task to complete. It is difficult to pick between natural scenes channels, city based channels and night view channels. It is also a tricky call to have to decide between a region-based channel and a whole Japan channel.

To my surprise, I had a hard time finding good quality channels that are mainly focussed on the scenery of Japan. That is why I also had to include channels that have English subtitles, but are aimed at the Japanese viewers. It is true that the quality of the footage and the selected scenery are very important variables to consider. Nevertheless, the aim of the channel itself and what their creators want to transmit is as important as well. We think that the introduction of cultural elements and occasional explanations makes the scenery watching experience even richer.

Also, we have chosen channels that emphasize on regions that are not very well known by the non-Japanese audience. That is the main reason why Discover Japan is first in our list. This channel is very easy to approach and, it has a large amount of interesting high-quality video content. After watching these channels, you will find yourself knowing more about Japan and its unique scenery and landscapes. And of course, you will be able to relax and dream about your next trip to this mysterious country!

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