When it comes to beauty and cosmetics, leave it to the Japanese. The Japanese maintain flawlessly youthful and glowing skin, have their cheeks powdered like porcelain dolls, and eye makeup done with perfection. Somehow, the ladies never seem to age, and the gentlemen also aren’t far behind the ladies when it comes to anti-aging skincare routines. How nice would it be if you can shop Japanese cosmetics online?

In fact, the Japanese are lucky to be in a country with the most innovative cosmetic scientists, unafraid to integrate technology into cosmetic products. They also don’t hesitate to use surprising ingredients such as rice extracts, collagen, and other natural ingredients native to Japan. Does your eyeliner ever smudge by the end of the day? Not in Japan with their waterproof eyeliner technology (pointing at you, UZU!). And do you want a more photogenic look for your SNS photos? Japan has a cosmetics line using film technology (looking at you, Fujifilm ASTALIFT!)

Reading this, you may want to get started with your Japanese cosmetics shopping spree online, however there is an issue — not all Japanese cosmetics online are available for International orders and shipping… But don’t worry! Our team has prepared a top 10 list of Japanese cosmetic brands that are available online and ship outside of Japan. The list includes everything from skin hydrating masks to eye makeup, and all at various price ranges so that you can explore Japanese cosmetics without breaking the bank. Soon, you can stay worry-free about your eyeliner smudging, and even confidently go out #makeupfree and show off a photogenic #justwokeuplikethis photo on your SNS!

Table of Contents

1) Top 10: Kanebo
2) Top 9: Dr.Ci:Labo
3) Top 8: UZ
4) Top 7: ASTALIFT
5) Top 6: LuLuLun
6) Top 5: MUJI
7) Top 4: Hadalabo
8) Top 3: Shu Uemura
9) Top 2: Shiseido
10) Top 1: SKII

Japanese Cosmetics Online #10: Kanebo


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First on our list is Top 10: Kanebo. Kanebo started off in the silk industry but began producing skin creams during Japan’s post war economic growth period. They are now best known for their innovative use of hyaluronic acid, which is effective for anti aging and to repair damaged DNA on the skin.

Cosmetics by Kanebo are not just about skin creams for anti-aging. They also produce cosmetics such as eyeshadows and lipsticks. Their lipsticks are available in colors from cute cotton candy pink to sultry shades of purple. These have high reviews for its ability to keep its color throughout the day. No more excusing yourself to the ladies room to reapply your lipstick!

While Kanebo does not have an actual online store, they ship their products to most countries through their dedicated Amazon page.

Japanese Cosmetics Online #9: Dr.Ci:Labo


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Next on our list is Top 9: Dr.Ci:Labo, a brand with skincare solutions for all skin types. Dr.Ci:Labo conveniently categorizes their products by skin concern: dehydration, aging, whitening, sensitive, sensitive acne-prone, and pore refining. This categorization helps narrows down the choices, making the online shopping experience so much easier.

What’s also special about Dr.Ci:Labo is their generous use of collagen in their serums and gels. Recently the brand launched their new “Aqua-Collagen-Gel Enrich Lift” not with just any collagen, but fermented collagen. While a fermented ingredient may sound a bit strange, you may find it worth trying. The fermented collagen promises to give the skin a gravity defying lift and an intense source of hydration.

The brand also has a waterproof sun protecting spray, “UV Protect Spray 100”. It has the slogan – “light as air”. It not only protects the skin from the sun but also moisturizes the skin, which is not very common. While most sunscreens out there are heavy and leave the skin dry, Dr.Ci:Labo’s spray seems to do just the opposite!

Japanese Cosmetics Online #8: UZ


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What other cosmetics brand promises no eyeliner smudge and has 7 shades of black? Top 8 on our Japanese cosmetics online list is UZ, known best for their liquid eyeliners. In addition to the 7 shades of black eyeliners, UZ also has another 7 colors of the rainbow to experiment with and feel like a model of VOGUE.

The eyeliner helps make drawing straight lines effortless due to their firm, yet flexible and soft brushes. The brushes are made in a traditional Japanese way, which originated in Kumano, Japan. They use custom-made fibers and hand craft each brush. This makes their brushes special since it is different compared to most eyeliner products mass-produced in factories. Also, they make a promise for no eyeliner smudge (or panda eyes through the use of hybrid polymer, which fights against water, sweat, humidity, tears, and oils.

If you are conscious about the ingredients and wonder about animal testing, worry not with UZ. Their products are vegan, cruelty free, gluten-free, phthalate-free, and alcohol-free.

Japanese Cosmetics Online #7: ASTALIFT


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Top 7 on our list is ASTALIFT by Fujifilm. That’s right. Fujifilm is a Japanese photography company and you might get confused why it’s on this online Japanese cosmetics list. When Fujifilm decided that they wanted to help the people’s skin appear more radiant and fresh, they decided to take their film technology into skin products. Using nano particles of Astaxanthin, collagen, anti-oxidation, and optical technologies, the film company surprised the world with ASTALIFT.

ASTALIFT carries a range of cosmetics from foundations, loose powders, whitening products, lighting perfection products, and cheek highlighters. With these cosmetics, ASTALIFT promises that you’ll fall in love with your skin again. Surely you can hide your age in your annual family photos, or go back to your high school reunion looking younger and fresher than the rest of the crowd.

ASTALIFT is currently available in Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Hong Kong for online orders.

Japanese Cosmetics Online #6: LuLuLun


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Hydrating face mask brand, LuLuLun, is Top 6 on our list. LuLuLun face masks are one of the most used face masks in Japan and is now available in the U.S. LuLuLun believes that anyone can have beautiful #nomakeup skin, even those who don’t regularly go for facials and spas. With LuLuLun face masks, you can maintain healthy glowing skin from the comfort of your home without hurting your wallet.

LuLuLun makes your home skin treatment fun with so many masks to chose from. There is a “Premium Series” offering regional masks from across Japan, such as “Kyushu Watermelon”, and “Kyoto Green Tea”. There are limited edition masks such as “Hakone Rose” and “Kyoto Geisha”, as well as “Shodo Island Olive Oil”. Even without having to travel to Japan, these regional masks will give you the vibes of traveling throughout Japan.

Japanese Cosmetics Online #5: MUJI


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Although MUJI is famous for their household items and furniture, their competitive skincare lines shouldn’t be missed out. MUJI’s skincare lines rank Top 5 on our Japanese Cosmetics Online list because of their wide range of selections and minimalist design. They have six series: Aging Skincare, Clearing Care, Cleansing Oil & Soap, Natural Skincare, Sensitive Skincare, and Mild Skincare. The products are also affordable compared to Japan’s many luxury skincare brands. Ingredients used are a blend of natural botanical ingredients, which keeps you smelling fresh and clean throughout the day.

MUJI also has a makeup accessories section on their online store, which has their famous portable eyelash curler. Unlike most eyelash curlers that are hard to fit in your makeup purse, MUJI’s eyelash curler is compact, easily storable, and fits perfectly in the palm to curl your lashes with minimal effort.

Japanese Cosmetics Online #4: Hadalabo


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Similar to our Top 10 Kanebo, our Top 4 on the list which is Hadalabo only has an online shopping page accessible through Amazon. Hadalabo, meaning “skin laboratory” in Japanese, already gives a good impression through their name, showing their commitment in the science of beautiful skin. They also believe that “Glowing Skin is Always In”. The products by Hadalabo include “Age Correcting Eye Cream” and “Skin Plumping Gel Cream” all to help with age defying and healthy glowing skin with radiant results.

If you are less of the minimalist MUJI type and like Japanese cherry blossoms, the Hadalabo Tokyo line may be the perfect fit for you. The packaging on the Hadalabo Tokyo line is perfect to add some color into your beauty drawer with its beautiful cherry blossom designs.

Japanese Cosmetics Online #3: Shu Uemura

[Shu Uemura](https://www.shuuemura-usa.com/customer-service/shipping-and-delivery.html)

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Top 3 on our list is Shu Uemura, a leader of Japanese makeup. As a brand that believes “beautiful makeup starts with beautiful skin”, they also have a skincare line. Shu Uemura’s concept is to mix the traditional and modern, luxury and fun, precision and creativity, all for a edgy and chic finish.

Products by Shu Uemura include high coverage concealers, matte lipsticks, and brow “swords” to draw in and define brows. One of Shu Uemura’s more unique items (but also on the higher end scale) is the limited edition “petal 55 brush kanazawa gold”.  This $355 foundation brush is not your ordinary brush, having gold made in Kanazawa, Japan, sprinkled on to the handle. This definitely is not cheap but it may be worth it for those seeking an ultra-perfect, smooth, even, and professional makeup look!

Japanese Cosmetics Online #2: Shiseido


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At Top 2 on our list is Shiseido, one of the oldest cosmetic companies in the world and widely known even outside Japan. One of their best known products is their “Luminizing Fluid Foundation” which keeps the skin coverage, but not too much (not #cakeface). This foundation uses a skin synchronizing technology to sit well with your skin type.

Shiseido solve and cover anything, even the most annoying freckles, scars and sun spots, with their “Shiseido Spots Cover foundation”. What is so surprising is that while covering such spots seems like a luxury, the product can be yours for less than $15.

If you think you no longer need makeup and skin creams, Shiseido still has beauty related products to offer you, including “The Collagen” tablets. Now, you are not limited to collagen intake through facial gels and creams, but can intake them as a tablet for higher elasticity and youthful skin.

Japanese Cosmetics Online #1: SKII


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Last and definitely not least is our Top 1 pick, SKII. In the last year, SKII has increased their presence in the world outside of Japan through their worldwide marketing campaigns. They have also made their products available for order online. You may have seen the ads with Japanese comedian, Naomi Watanabe, British comedian, James Corden, and American actress, Chloe Grace Moretz.

SKII’s best selling product, the “Pitera Essence” is a facial treatment essence which uses a Japanese miracle ingredient to keep skin radiant and youthful. This miracle ingredient is a kind of yeast discovered by Japanese sake (rice wine) brewers who found that their hands were significantly more radiant and youthful looking compared to their wrinkled and aged faces. For hundreds of years, scientists experimented with extracting this yeast to create a miracle product. Considering the number of years of research involved in the SKII “Pitera Essence”, it might just be worth a try!

In Conclusion

Thanks to innovation and technology, Japan undoubtedly has some of the world’s best cosmetics and solutions for every beauty concern. Whether your concern is dehydration, aging, looking picture perfect for photos, or repairing sun damage, Japanese cosmetics have a solution. Yet, not all Japanese cosmetics are up to speed with making their products available online for worldwide sales and shipping. Slowly though, there are more and more brands selling their Japanese cosmetic products online and which ship Internationally.

You can find more Japanese cosmetics are available for International orders online. But we hope our Top 10 list serves as your gateway into navigating your way to some of Japan’s best cosmetics with International shipping! While you wait for these amazing Japanese cosmetics’ sales at your local drug store or department store, why not use this list to see if you can order them online and have them shipped to you. Though they say it’s never too late for anti-aging skin care, it’s also never too early to begin either!