Despite the numerous dental clinics in Japan, oral hygiene for non-Japanese speaking residents seems to be limited. However, Japan continues its efforts to internationalize medical services across the country. Not just in Tokyo but there aren’t that many English speaking dentists and clinics throughout Japan. Many of them charge exorbitant prices for a basic check-up.

Aside from the language barrier, even the culture behind dentistry in Japan seems to be a challenge. Many expats often complain about the lack of privacy, numerous visit requirements, and the reluctance to use anesthetics. While oral hygiene is generally regarded as a luxury, oral health isn’t just about having a flashy smile. Proper dental care is imperative to preventing cavity, gum disease, and upkeep of overall health. Across the board, it’s generally recommended to visit a dentist for check ups at least twice a year however many expats tend to avoid dental visits during their time here.

The international community continues to expand the need for multilingual specialist and services has been on the rise. Despite how difficult it can be to find multi-lingual services in Japan there are a number of English speaking dentists and clinics in Tokyo which offer international service. Many of these dentists have received international training abroad for a number of years before opening their own practice in Tokyo and incorporating a western approach to their practice. We’ve compiled a list of the top in English speaking dentists and clinics in Tokyo, which provide the best care in the city. 

Table of Contents 

1) Top10: The Tachikawa Dori Dental Clinic
2) Top 9: Fujimoto Dental Clinic 
3) Top 8: Dr. Kaku Clinic
4) Top 7: Tokyo Clinic Dental Office
5) Top 6: Amakawa Dental Clinic
6) Top 5: Yamate Dental Clinic
7) Top 4: Dental Office OC3 Hibiya 
8) Top 3: Trust Dental Clinic 
9) Top 2: Fukutomi Dental Office
10) Top 1: Hitomi Dental Office 

Top 10: The Tachikawa Dori Dental Clinic

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The first clinic on the English speaking dentists list is the Tachikawa Dori Dental Clinic located in the western Tachikawa district of Tokyo. Although it is a little far off from the central areas of Tokyo, the Tachikawa Dori Dental Clinic is highly popular for expats living on the outer banks of Tokyo city. Although the clinic isn’t particularly well known for it’s English speaking staff, the clinic does its best to offer inclusive English speaking services for the international community. Appointments can be scheduled in English via email however, English consultation services are only available on Wednesdays when the interpretation staff is available. Dr. Mihoko Suzuki is the director of the clinic and while much isn’t known about the background of the clinic they do emphasize providing a safe and friendly atmosphere for everyone. 

Top 9: Fujimoto Dental Clinic 

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The most famous dental clinic among the English speaking dentists in Tokyo is the Fujimoto Dental Clinic. The Fujimoto Dental Clinic is located in the glamorous district of Ginza certainly reflects the quality of service and pricing you can expect from a visit. However, its reputation in Japan and internationally should encourage you to at least consider a visit. The founder Dr. Junhei Fujimoto received his training in dentistry from the University of Indiana and is considered a world class dentist in restorative and periodontal dentistry. Dr. Kohei Fujimoto who also learned dentistry in America currently heads the clinic and speaks fluent English.

The Fujimoto Dental Clinic is open Monday to Friday from 9:00am to 6:00pm and appointments can be made in English by either making a phone call or email. This clinic is highly recommended to short term travelers and expats since they unfortunately don’t take the Japanese National Health Insurance. However they do take most travelers insurance and provide documentation for foreign insurance claims. 

Top 8: Dr. Kaku Clinic

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Highly recommended among families across Tokyo, Dr. Kaku’s Clinic prides itself on providing a child and family friendly atmosphere. The clinic was founded by Dr. Kosei (John) Kaku and Dr. Maori Kaku as a husband and wife dentistry duo. Both dentists speak English and provide an inclusive experience to expats in Tokyo. There are two clinics both located in the lively Shibuya district; Yoyogi Uehara clinic and Hiroo clinics. The Yoyogi Uehara clinic is open regularly from Tuesday to Saturday, 10:30am to 7:00pm. The Hiroo clinic is only open on Wednesday, Thursday, one Friday every month, and every other Sunday. In addition, they accept the Japanese National Health Insurance. 

Top 7: Tokyo Clinic Dental Office 

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As the oldest running English speaking dental clinic in Tokyo, the Tokyo Clinic Dental Office has been open since 1952 when it was first established by Dr. Besford. The clinic has been passed on to different hands throughout the years but is now independently owned by Dr. Anthony S. Drennan. Dr. Drennan is known as one of the few English speaking dentists in Japan with private practice experience in the US. Dr. Drennan continues to uphold American dentistry standards as the practice places special emphasis on using American methods.

The clinic is also well known for its decay prevention program for both children and adults hoping to curtail tooth decay. While many dental clinics on this list have one or two staff members who are conversational in English, the Tokyo Clinic Dental Office requires all staff members to be able to speak English. Despite all of its international service, the clinic does not accept Japanese National Health Insurance. They do however provide services for expats hoping to make private insurance claims in Japan and abroad. 

Top 6: Amakawa Dental Clinic 

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Just a short two minute walk from Gaienmae station, The Amakwa Dental Clinic is based in Minato and focuses on both children and adult dentistry and orthodontics. Dr. Yumiko Amakawa received international training in dentistry from the US and serves a large part of the expat community. The Amakawa clinic is particularly popular for expats finding themselves in need of emergency dentistry care as they’re one of the few clinics that accept Travel Accident Insurance along with Japanese National Health Insurance.

The Amakawa clinic is quite popular among both Japanese speakers and expats so expect to have to make appointments a few months in advance.The first initial visitation will run about 15,000 JPY with basic teeth cleaning starting from 10,000 JPY. The price for the initial consultation is higher compared to other clinics on the list but it does include a radiograph, periodontal disease examination, and intra-oral photograph for record keeping. 

Top 5: Yamate Dental Clinic 

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The Yamate Dental Clinic, located in Nakameguro offers a wide variety of services from general dentistry to cosmetic treatment. The director Dr. Nagisa Arai is trained and board certified in Japan. The clinic has been open since 1997 and gives off a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Interestingly, she shares a charming story about her love for sweets as a child driving her to become a dentist.

The Yamate Dental Clinic is very popular among Japanese people across the country with people as far as Kyushu traveling all the way to Tokyo in search of her service. Although the clinic caters to  largely Japanese clientele some of the staff is conversational in English and they allow you to schedule appointments in English via phone call or email. The clinic is closed on Wednesdays, Sundays, and on national holidays, but they offer flexible hours to accommodate a variety of schedules. They also accept the Japanese National Health Insurance putting it in the top 5 of dental clinics on the list. 

Top 4: Dental Office OC3 Hibiya 

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The Dental Office OC3 Hibiya makes it one of the top English speaking dentists and clinics in Tokyo because of its fluent English speaking staff. The clinic also accepts Japanese National Health Insurance, Social insurance, and travel accident insurance. With fluent English speaking staff as well as accepting both travel accident insurance, Japanese national health insurance and social insurance. Dr. Umeu Kiyotaka is the director of the clinic and has been practicing dentistry for over 30 years. He also received international training in California and often has foreign dentists paying the clinic a visit every once in a while. As many expats in Japan are accustomed to a certain level of privacy during consultation the clinic is well known for its private rooms and relaxing atmosphere. 

Top 3: Trust Dental Clinic 

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Another clinic located in the heart in Shibuya, the Trust Dental Clinic offers another convenient location for expats living in downtown Tokyo. It’s a three minute walk from the JR Harajuku station and one minute walk from the Meiji-Jingumae subway station. The director Dr. Ritsu Oikawa although a Japanese native spent his college and dental school years in Nebraska, USA. He speaks English fluently and focuses on implementing “time proven techniques” during treatment. This clinic in particular prides itself on having an international environment as many of the staff spent a significant amount of time training overseas.

The clinic is open from Monday through Sunday, 9:00am to 5:30pm but does not offer consultations on Saturday. The clinic does accept the Japanese National Health Insurance and offers competitive prices with the initial consultation starting from around 6,000 JPY. A first consultation with cleaning included costs 14,000 JPY however upon frequent visit the price will lower gradually. 

Top 2: Fukutomi Dental Office

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Located in the middle of Shibuya, Fukutomi Dental clinic offers a great location for expats in Japan. The clinic is about a five minute walk from Yoyogi station and emphasizes smooth, stress free communication for all patients at the clinic.The director, Dr. Fukutomi spent three years training in UCLA at the center for Esthetic Dentistry. The initial consultation fee starts from 10,000 JPY putting its prices a little bit higher than most of the clinics on the list. However upon the second visitation the price dramatically decreases to 3,000 JPY. For teeth cleaning the cost starts from 8,000 JPY for sixty minutes. Unfortunately like most English speaking clinics in Japan, Fukutomi Dental office does not accept the National Japanese Health Insurance.  

Top 1: Hitomi Dental Office 

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Hitomi Dental Office makes the top of the list for English speaking dental clinics in Japan. There are two offices located in both Edogawa and Asakusa close to transportation. The director of the clinics Hitomi Hayashi has received training in Japan, America, and Canada and caters largely to the expat population in Tokyo. The clinic offers very friendly English speaking staff at both locations as well as a separate reservation number for non-Japanese visitors. Usual appointment time runs from Monday to Saturday 10:00am -20:00 pm. For those with unusual schedules, patients can schedule appointments outside of the usual hours per request. The clinic accepts Japanese National Health Insurance. The initial fee for a first time consultation is 5,000 JPY but decreases significantly with every visit. On average teeth cleaning fees start from 10,000 JPY and varies depending on time and services requested. 

In Conclusion 

For those who’ve just moved to Japan or only been here for a short amount of time, finding a good dentist can take some time. While navigating the Japanese language along with dealing with different standards in Japanese and western dentistry this can prevent many expats from continuing proper dental care. But even if you can’t expect the dentists to be the same as those in your country, that doesn’t mean you can’t find quality dental care in English here. Keeping up quality oral hygiene is important to keep up overall health. With a little searching, you’ll be able to find an English speaking clinic that will fit your needs!  If you are also interested in Japan Visa Application, check out this Top 10 Japan Visa Application Online Guides too!!