Many people around the world love Japanese candy and snacks. With everything from mochi to chips, Japan is snack lover’s dream regardless of whether you’re craving savory or sweet. But not everyone can take a trip to Japan to enjoy them. Furthermore, stores outside of Japan that sell Japanese snacks can be difficult to find. These Japanese snack and candy subscription boxes are a great way for snacks lovers worldwide to get their hands of savory and sweet treats from the land of the rising sun. Even if you are lucky enough to travel to Japan, you may find yourself missing the snacks you devoured during your trip. You may also want to try snacks from seasons or regions that you did not get to experience during your adventures. 

There is a wide variety of Japanese snack boxes that you can subscribe to. Some boxes feature authentic, traditional snacks created by Japanese artisans. Others include modern, everyday snacks that are frequently bought at convenience and grocery stores across Japan. Some boxes come with more substantial delights such as instant noodles.

While some are fairly pricey, costing about $40 a month, others can be purchased for as little as $12. Additionally, snack boxes can provide more than an energy boost. Many of them also include reading material or craft kits for entertainment. Japanese snack boxes also give you a glimpse into different aspects of life in Japan. Seasonal boxes allow subscribers to learn about holiday treats, while snacks sourced from local businesses deliver the tastes of a particular region. No matter what you’re looking for in a snack box, Japan has one for you. Here are 10 awesome Japanese snack subscription boxes. 

Table of Contents 

1) Top 10: Freedom Japanese Market
2) Top 9: Manga Spice Cafe
3) Top 8: Candy Japan
4) Top 7: Snakku  
5) Top 6: Tokyo Treat  
6) Top 5: Kizuna Box 
7) Top 4: Zenpop 
8) Top 3: Japan Crate  
9) Top 2: Bokksu 
10) Top 1: Oyatsubox 

Japanese Snack and Candy Box #10: Freedom Japanese Market 

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Freedom Japanese Market offers the best value snack boxes. Each box is filled to the brim with Japanese snacks. The company promises their customers that they will never use shredded paper or plastic packing filler to take up space in their boxes. Free shipping is available worldwide. As far as the snacks go, each box contains limited edition snacks so you are guaranteed to be getting your hands on a unique treat each month. Past boxes have included Easter themed Disney cookies, fruit au lait caramel corn, and strawberry milk chocolate.

Snack boxes are available in three sizes. First of all, the small “puchi” pack contains 5-8 snacks and costs $14.99. Second, the “original” pack (their bestseller!) includes 12-16 snacks and costs $22.90. Lastly, the family premium pack costs $45.99 and comes with a wide assortment of large, premium snacks. For a personal touch, a piece of handmade origami is included with each shipment. 

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Japanese Snack Box #9: Manga Spice Cafe

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Manga Spice Cafe’s box is perfect for those who love to snack while they read Manga. Each box includes three newly released manga, 3-6 snacks, and a drink. If you dream about going to a manga cafe in Japan but can’t seem to find time to make the trip, Manga Spice Cafe can help you create a similar experience at home. Some of the titles featured in their previous boxes are Tokyo Ghoul, Rokka Braves of the Six Flowers, and Love and Lies. Snacks that are typically found in Manga Spice Cafe boxes include milk caramels, pocky, and seaweed flavored potato chips. Ramune and tea are commonly offered drinks. Each box costs $37 and there is a $5.95 charge for shipping. In addition to their monthly boxes, Manga Spice Cafe releases special limited edition boxes every now and then, so be sure to check their website frequently! 

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Japanese Snack Box #8: Candy Japan 

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Candy Japan is best for the snacker on a budget. Their cheapest option, the “Shou” box costs $12.95 a month and includes dagashi and savory snacks. Their premium “Nami” box costs $17.95 a month, and gummy, chewy, and hard candies. Shou box subscribers receive a DIY kit in addition to their snacks each month. While Nami box subscribers do not receive a DIY kit, they are sent premium chocolates in the winter months. Those who wish to receive candy twice a month can subscribe to both boxes for $29.

If you’re looking to experience the everyday favorites of snackers frequenting convenience or grocery stores across Japan, Candy Japan is right for you. Some items featured in their past snack boxes include matcha wafers, peach gummies, and soda candies. Finally, for those wishing to learn more about their treats, Candy Japan posts English translations of candy related news in Japan to their blog. 

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Japanese Snack Box #7: Snakku

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Snakku is made for people who love wagashi. They specialize in traditional snacks like rusk, senbei, and mochi. In an effort to support small businesses, Snakku sources many of their treats from local artisans. This means that many of the items in their snack boxes can’t be found outside of a particular region. Snakku boxes are themed around a particular city or season, allowing you to catch a glimpse of what different regions and times of the year in Japan are like. Snakku also packages their snack boxes in a traditional way. Each box is wrapped in a reusable furoshiki. They sell two different types of boxes. The “signature” box comes with 20-25 snacks and costs $37.95, while the tasting box includes 5-7 snacks and costs $16.50. The signature box is available worldwide, but the tasting box is only offered in the United States. Both boxes ship for free. 

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Japanese Snack Box #6: Tokyo Treat 

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Tokyo Treat is designed for sociable snackers. In addition to curating Japanese snack boxes, Tokyo Treat maintains an online community space on their website where customers can meet each other. Members of the Tokyo Treat community discuss tips and their favorite snacks. They can also swap items and earn achievement badges. Their snacks are as awesome as their community!

Tokyo Treat boxes are packed to the brim with a variety of items. The premium box includes a combination of Japanese drinks, party packs, anime snacks, dagashi, and other popular snacks for a total of 17 items. It also comes with a DIY candy kit and a Japanese candy guidebook. For $31.50 a month, you’re sure to have lots of fun when you subscribe to a Tokyo Treat snack box. If you’re looking to save a bit of money, they also offer a smaller box (which does not include a drink, party pack, or anime snack) for $22.50 per month. 

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Japanese Snack Box #5: Kizuna Box

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The Kizuna snack box caters to those who are looking for authentic Japanese snacks that are hard to find outside of Japan. They specialize in offering artisanal items made by locals. Additionally, many of their products are limited edition and can only be bought in a particular region or during a particular season. Beyond offering traditional snacks, each Kizuna box includes a cultural or lifestyle item. The snack box costs $29.99, includes 17-20 snacks, and is delivered once a month. Kizuna also offers a healthy snack box featuring low calorie treats for $34.99 per box.

Furthermore, there is a lifestyle box which is intended for those who want more household goods, stationary, or trinkets. The lifestyle box also includes snacks, so subscribers won’t miss out on the chance to try some Japanese treats! Lastly, if you want to repurchase a favorite from a monthly box, you may be able to find it on Kizuna’s online store, where snacks and other items can be purchased individually. 

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Japanese Snack Box #4: Zenpop

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Zenpop is ideal for people who love sweets or ramen, or both! They offer three types of boxes: a sweets box, a ramen box, and a ramen and sweets box. The sweets box includes 15 snacks and comes with a bonus stick of matcha latte mix. Although it is referred to as their sweets box, the Zenpop Japanese Sweets Pack also includes savory items such as wasabi rice crackers. The ramen box features seven full sized packs of instant noodles. Typical flavors are mentaiko, shio, and egg. In addition to ramen, other types of noodles such as udon or yakisoba are also packed. Finally, the ramen and sweets box contains a few packs of instant noodles and a few snacks. It is perfect for anyone in search of a meal and dessert! The sweets and ramen boxes cost $35 per month, while the sweets and ramen box costs $30. 

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Japanese Snack Box #3: Japan Crate 

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Japan Crate is perfect for fun loving snackers! Each bright red snack box comes packed with exciting treats. All premium Japan Crate boxes include 18-20 savory and sweet snacks, as well as a drink. Past boxes have feature apple flavored Coca Cola, chocolate mochi, and four cheese pizza chips. In addition, a limited edition bonus item is included with each box, so subscribers can enjoy something truly unique every month. For those who like to be entertained while they snack, Japan Crate includes a “Manga-zine” featuring translated content and fun facts about Japan. Japan Crate boxes also come with a DIY kit, making them perfect for hungry craft lovers. The premium box costs $35 per month. For those on a budget, Japan crate also offers the “original” box (10 items) for $25 per month and the “mini” box (5 items) for $12 per month. 

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Japanese Snack Box #2: Bokksu 

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Bokksu is suited for snack lovers looking to try traditional Japanese snacks, such as candied yuzu peel, ebi senbei, or warabi mochi. They also offer more contemporary snacks such as mochi donuts or Koala’s March. In addition to larger companies like Kit Kat, Bokksu works with small, local vendors to deliver authentic snacks that can’t be bought outside of Japan. Each box is designed around a theme, such as a holiday, season, or location. Boxes are sent out once a month and cost $39.99 for a classic box (20-25 snacks) or $26.99 for a tasting box (10-14 snacks). They offer free shipping worldwide. Finally, if you fall in love with a particular snack and want to enjoy it again, you may be able to find it under Bokksu’s “market” section, where snacks can be purchased individually. 

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Japanese Snack Box #1: Oyatsubox 

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Oyatsubox is perfect for those who want a taste of Tokyo delivered to their doorstep every month. Their snack boxes are packed with treats that can easily be found in convenience stores and vending machines across the city. Selections typically feature Lotte pies, limited edition Kit Kats, or Calbee chips. Each box also includes a gachapon (small figurine, mascot, or keychain inside of a plastic capsule) from Akihabara. Additionally, Oyatsubox sometimes includes larger, more filling items such as Pringles noodles. You can also learn about your snacks when you order an Oyatsubox. Each package comes with a leaflet containing an explanation about each item in the box. Lastly, Oyatsubox is perfect for those who don’t want to commit to a monthly subscription. They allow you to order a one time single box. Subscriptions and single boxes both cost $28.99 per box. 

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In Conclusion 

No matter what flavors you enjoy, what your budget is, or what your interests are, there is a Japanese candy and snack subscription box for you. Snack boxes allow glimpses into life across Japan to be delivered to your doorstep. Want to visit a manga cafe without leaving your house? Manga Spice cafe can make it happen! Hoping to enjoy authentic, traditional wagashi? Check out Kizuna Box, Bokksu, or Snakku. Only have a few bucks to spend? Candy Japan or Freedom Japanese Market is right for you! Looking to get a feel of everyday snacking habits in Tokyo? Look no further than Oyatsubox. 

While snack boxes may seem like just that – a box of snacks – they deliver much more. When you order a Japan Crate box, you get to learn about Japan from their “manga-zine”. You also have the opportunity to harness your creativity and have fun with their DIY kit. Boxes that offer snacks created by small, local businesses allow you to learn about food culture in parts of Japan that you might not think to visit. Your subscription box might just help you decide which cities to discover during your next trip

All in all, snack boxes are experiences. They let you broaden your horizons from the comfort of your own home. Tokyo Treat even allows subscribers to make friends and meet others that appreciate Japanese food through their website. If you want to enjoy a taste of Japan, have fun, and learn new things every month, sign up for a Japanese candy and snack subscription box today! 

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